I​n our facility, we have for you 13 hybrid clay - 5 US Open hard courts - 2  padel tennis courts, and stands for approx. Our over 2000sqm clubhouse will include a sports bar, tennis shop, professionally equipped gym, SPA, indoor pool and a bar with amazing view overlooking the nearby bay. 

Hybrit C​lay Cour​ts

Acryl Courts

Padel Courts

Club Haus

 Tennis Shop

Sports Bar


If you want coaches to complement your team, our professionals are always at ​your disposal. You can pre-book one or more trainers for your group. If your group arrives without a trainer, we can create the training program and have it carried out by our trainers.


Regardless of whether you come to the tennis cam​p with your club or want to prepare for the season with your team, all our knowledge and experience are a​t your disposal.


All the groups are more then welcome to come with their coaches and use our facility according to your needs. 

We train all ages and levels

We will help you to understand your game, to recognize your strengths and use them efficiently. We teach you how to stay
matches and how to better handle stressful moments. We train toddlers (from 5 years old), beginners, advanced players, club players and tournament players. We improve strokes, strategy, mental attitude and efficiency.
We will give you a professional game orientation that will help you to make your game efficient through anticipation and early reaction.   

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